georg fischer

Hi. My name is Georg. I create with code.

A selection of projects I worked on.

I am Georg Fischer

I am a multimedia designer from Würzburg, Germany. In September 2010 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication design.

I love to design and develop for the web, tinker with electronics, create prototypes and make interesting, meaningful things.

Curriculum Vitae

"hello world!"
since 2013
freelance technologist in Würzburg, Germany
2011 - 2013
technologist at Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, New York
2008 - 2011
freelancer at bueroparallel in Würzburg, Germany
Bachelor of Arts
2006 - 2010
studies of communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, focus on interactive media and information design

Experience & Skills

I write code in JavaScript, Java, PHP, C++, Objective-C, ActionScript, Python, HTML and CSS.

I’m a proficient user of many design and development tools like Git, Sublime Text, Chrome and Firefox dev tools, Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, openFrameworks, Processing, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

I speak both English and German fluently.


You can drop me a line at


I usually go by snorpey on the internet. You can find me on sites like github, mastodon, twitter, flickr, vimeo, letterboxd or lastfm.


Georg Fischer

Textorstr. 5-7

97070 Würzburg